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Our first race of the season is moving to Sherman, ME at Gould Mountain Farms! Tame the Track will be joining us, offering vintage racing.


ATTENTION **ANNOUNCEMENT**: Ski Doo XRS Racers – Sylvain Laflamme has created encapsulated QRS Helixes made for Ski Doo drivers to hopefully solve the clutch issues some people were having last year.

Being as the driven roller would have support on both sides, like a Team Helix, that would end all the breakages of rollers and would also improve backshift response. The only downside is that it would not be possible to use reverse, but for racing that’s not important.

He has to get 20 made at a time, so he wants to start with the stock angle, a 48, then if demand is there, maybe have a 48/45 made also for softer, warmer conditions. Cost would be in the $150.00 each range. He would like to see what the demand is before he has them made. Please contact Sylvain Laflamme ASAP if you are interested @:


Please read the following important announcement from MYLAPS regarding their Rechargeable X2 Transponders


Got a sled you want to sell or some spare parts you want to part with? Check out our Classifieds listings and get started on your own listing here.

2018 Manufacturer Race Applications are now available!  

Ski Doo 2018 Manufacturer Race Application – Deadline  5/12
Polaris 2018 Manufacturer Race Application – Deadline 5/15
Team Arctic 2018 Manufacturer Race Application – Deadline 5/31

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