Even though this was Grip N Rip’s first season being a bronze sponsor for RMR-XC, they’re no strangers to the snowmobile and racing scene. Remington and his family started the company in 1999 making isovibe for snowmobiles, which reduces shock and vibration in handlebars. Grip N Rip started this while racing the Rock Maple Snowcross Circuit back in the 90s. Remington’s dad raced when he was in high school and the family has been a racing family since.
Since partnering with RMR-XC, Grip N Rip has gained valuable friendships through the racing community and has fun being able to advertise their business. Grip N Rip is an aftermarket parts business and racing videos are popular on their Facebook page so be sure to check out Grip N Rip here!


Scott Preston has been snowmobiling since he could walk. His first ride on a sled was his father’s 1976 Ski-doo 340 TNT silver bullet. From there, his first sled was a 1998 Ski-doo MXZX 440 that he raced on the RMR Snow Cross circuit from 1998 to 2001.

These days, Scott’s racing the Factory Sport 600 and the SOO 600. This past 2018 season alone he’s had five first place finishes. Before RMR-XC, Scott had many summers of drag racing. His most memorable moment happened in Epping, N.H. at the Amateur Pro Light 600 in 2016. Mandy Cole was his driver and took home the win.

Scott is sponsored by Polaris, Laquerres, Stud Boy, Venom Products, Klotz Oil and Hi-performance Engineering. Outside of snowmobiling, Scott’s job includes excavating, equipment operating and truck driving. “I eat, sleep, dream snowmobiles 24/7, 12 months a year,” he said. “No joke!”

His most memorable moment of the past season was the ice of Lake Luzerne.

Sean Magee coordinated with Home Depot and Rock Maple Racing to sponsor a silent auction for Veterans Inc at Jackman 2018. Sean has a touching story behind coordinating with RMR-XC. His father-in-law, Frank Carideo, was a veteran and after passing away, Sean wanted to do something in his honor. Frank served in the military and was a U.S. Marine, and later became an engineer. One of Frank’s greatest hobbies and past times was being a snowmobile enthusiast. He went on annual trips to New Hampshire with friends. After Frank’s passing, Sean went on the annual snowmobile with Frank’s friends where everyone reflected on Frank and the influence he left on all of them. Sean decided he would honor Frank through snowmobiling.

Sean contacted Tara and coordinated with his Home Depot’s regional vice president to structure and gain support for the silent auction to benefit Veterans Inc.

Tara helped me understand what was possible and how to best structure an event that would accomplish the goal and be enjoyable for those that attend,” Sean said. “I met with her a few times to set up the event and the details to present to others and begin collecting companies that would help us pull it off.”

Through the help of RMR-XC, Home Depot and several other partner companies, Sean was able to generate over $30,000 in donations for Veterans Inc.

“I am thrilled to be able to turn over this money to Veterans Inc knowing that it will be used to help the men and woman of this country that deserve it most,” Sean said. “I appreciate the support and patience Tara and Glynn have had in helping me organize the details and pull together an event like this.”

Congrats Sean on a great event! Your story is an inspiration and RMR-XC looks forward to working with you again in the 2019 season!

After participating in the last race of the year at Jackman in 2017, Mandy Cole has been hooked on racing. Currently racing in the woman’s class, Mandy has two first place finishes with Rock Maple Racing. Mandy has been snowmobiling since she was a little girl and purchased her first sled at the age of 18. Since that time, she has done some ice drags in the early 2000s and then proceeded to race in grass drags in 2016 and 2017. She has also enjoyed many miles trail riding.

Mandy is sponsored by Polaris, Laquerres, Stud Boy, Venom Products, Klotz Oil and Hi-Performance Engineering. Outside of racing, Mandy is a production manager for Advanced Illumination (Vision Lighting). She is passionate about spending time in the shop learning about and working on her sleds. She enjoys being active with her two kids, Noah and Garret. Together with Mandy’s boyfriend, Scott, they like to ride their four wheelers, hike in the woods and play in local rivers. She is also an avid cook.

Even though this is Mandy’s first season racing, she is always impressed with the camaraderie of the racers and their families.

You can find him as a mechanic at A&R Auto Repair during the week, but on the weekends Remington Lessard is a regular at RMR-XC. He’s been snowmobiling since age four and was first introduced to Rock Maple by his parents at age five when he started in the 120’s races. Now at 19, he’s racing semi-pro with the support of his sponsors: Chase Toys, Grip-N-Rip Racing, Ski-Doo, Klim, Triple 9, RX Goggles, and Fly Racing.

During his impressive tour with RMR for almost 15 years he has 8 first place, 3 second place and 3 third place finishes. Remington also has 1st place overall points in the semi-pro stock and semi-pro improved. Not only does he race RMR, but he also raced in the Iron Dog last year with his dad. Although they weren’t able to finish due to a crash, the two finished 1600 out of the 2000 miles and were poised to finish 4th.

When asked about his favorite moment from the past season, he was quick to respond. “Definitely racing on Long Pond in Jackman, ME. My sled was setup very good and the track was a lot of fun.”

If Remington isn’t on the track you can find him hunting, fishing, on his dirt bike, or camping.

Check out some of his race photos below at our January race in Rangeley, ME!


The Slocum Brothers are new junior riders to the RMR-XC circuit, but they’re no strangers to the sport. Both started racing their own sleds at 3 ½. This year, they’re riding the Junior 10-13 and 85 sport with the support of their sponsors: Storey Brothers, Slocum Custom Builders, DJ Small Plumbing, Arsenault Motorsports, Hancock Lumber, and Papa & Gege.

Bailey is only 13, but already has three race wins with RMR and took second four times. He also placed fifth in the East Coast Snocross this year. Outside of racing, Bailey is an 8th grader at Freeport Middle School who loves hunting, fishing, four-wheeling and playing football for the Freeport Falcons.

Connor is joining RMR for his first year at 11 years old and has already placed second twice! Connor is a 6th grader and plays football for the Freeport Falcons like his brother. He also enjoys watching the NFL and playing basketball.

Even though the brothers can be competitive, their favorite moment of this season was finishing first and second place together at Lake Luzerne. Check out some of their racing highlights from this season in the pictures below. 

We wish these new riders a lot of luck on the rest of the season!

Slocum Brothers at the winner’s circle.
Bailey in action.
Great action shot of Bailey!
Connor taking a corner.
Connor cruising during a race.

RMR-XC welcomes both men and women to our team. Women can shred up some trail just as well as the men can! We’ve got some incredible female talent on our team, born with snowmobile fuel in their veins–an excellent introduction to one of our seasoned female riders, Danika Lockhart.

“I have been snowmobiling for as long as I can remember,” Lockhart said, a resident of Belfast, ME. “I grew up around snowmobiles and it is something that me and my family have always enjoyed doing together.”

While Lockhart had been around snowmobiles recreationally all her life, it was only until the winter of 2015 that she got into the world of competitive racing, when she met her boyfriend Shane. “When we met he raced for Team Maine Racing. Our first winter together he had a race for [United States Cross Country] with Team Maine Racing in Fort Kent, ME and I went with him,” Lockhart said, explaining she was given the opportunity to race in the Women’s Class, where she won her first-ever race. “I was immediately hooked!”

Competing with USCC, Lockhart garnered another win and placed in the top three in several other races. Lockhart was introduced to RMR-XC after the USCC series closed, as Team Maine Racing began competing with RMR-XC last season. Since joining RMR-XC, Lockhart has four wins and a 1st place title, among other accomplishments. Lockhart is currently sponsored by Chase Toys of Unity, ME and Ski-Doo.

While Lockhart has stuck exclusively to the Women’s Class, she is interested in exploring other classes than RMR-XC offers. “Maybe this year I will get adventurous and try out another class,” Lockhart said. “This upcoming season will be my fourth season racing in the same class.”

Outside of RMR-XC, Lockhart has also garnered both titles and wins in the Pro Vintage Championship Series, as well as in Grass Drag Racing. When she’s not racing, you can catch Lockhart working at athenahealth in Belfast, ME, or spending time outdoors with her boyfriend Shane and their puppy, Harley.

When asked about her favorite moment last season, Lockhart recalled her first big wreck: “I think my favorite moment of this past season was having my first big wreck in Jackman, ME. I rolled my sled and it completely detached the windshield, and blew out the cluster. But it didn’t stop me…I got right back on and finished the race to end the season.”

Be sure to watch Danika and our other amazing racers this upcoming season!

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Like many members of the RMR-XC family, interest in sleds and tinkering starts at an early age, growing into a full-blown passion by adulthood. This storyline follows the upbringing of Chad Dow, current owner of NITRO Trailers of Unity, ME, a Silver-level sponsor.

As a child, Dow worked in the garage and at many local car stock tracks, learning the ins and outs of fabricating, welding, and fit and finish. His skills would eventually lead to him to employment with a high quality trailer manufacturer, beginning his welding career on aluminum trailers. Dow was able to work his way up to a specialized position and garnered several internal awards, though unfortunately the business was forced to close its doors in 2009.

“Deciding where to go [after] was an easy decision,” Dow said. With his passion and drive, Dow formed Innovative Specialities, focusing on largely on custom work, drawing on his previous years’ experience with aluminum fabricating.

Over time, Dow was able to solidify relationships with many recognized trailer dealers throughout the region. “Building numerous custom trailer products and doing countless repair work, we had the idea that maybe we should build a high quality aluminum trailer,” Dow said, and with the encouragement of dealers, family and friends, NITRO Trailers was formed in 2013.

“We at NITRO want to be known for a high quality, well-built product using the best parts and pieces that are available,” Dow said. “Our goal is not to flood the market with 20+ models of trailers from a cheap trailer to a better built trailer and everything in between.”

Dow’s history with RMR-XC goes back before NITRO and Innovative Specialities. Dow competed with the older RMR-XC snocross series, having raced sleds himself since he was fifteen. “It was some of the best times of my life,” Dow said. “When [RMR-XC] returned with the cross country circuit, I knew it was going to be a big hit and they would do good things.”

Prior to becoming a sponsor, Dow enjoyed attending a few previous RMR-XC races. “[RMR-XC] knows what it takes to put on a event with great success,” Dow said, explaining that when RMR-XC reached out for a partnership, he knew it would be a “win-win.”

“[RMR-XC] does a great job at promoting their sponsors and for that we are very appreciative,” Dow said, adding that they had spent “countless dollars” in the motorsports industry with little to no results.

“Given the reputation [RMR-XC] has with the snowmobile industry, plus the tight knit group snowmobilers on the team, people trust and support the organizations who support RMR-XC and the snowmobile industry, which is great for business.”

Be sure to check out Nitro Trailers on Facebook and Instagram!

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Snowmobiles are in our blood here at Rock Maple Racing (RMR-XC). So naturally, our family of racers has the same DNA! RMR-XC newcomer racer Jordan McCormick of Massena, NY, has been living surrounded by sleds his entire life (and even before he was born!).

“Snowmobiling has been the winter pastime for my family since the early 60’s,” McCormick said. “I grew up working in the family repair shop getting paid in gas, oil, and parts!”

Other than a few barnyard drag races and time trials “for bragging rights,” 2017 is McCormick’s first year racing sleds. He explained that he had been loosely following the cross country circuit for some time, with plans to have entered a race or two in past years. “Each time Mother Nature prevented it,” McCormick said.

Last year, he was fortunate to pick up a used snocross sled, and having been aware of RMR-XC’s presence in the Northeast cross country circuit, set his sights on the race in Lake Luzerne, NY. “I started turning the wrenches,” McCormick said. “I reached out to the staff at RMR for information, as well as Chip Vaddi (a fellow NY racer), and both were extremely helpful, as I had never even been a spectator at a cross country race.”

After Lake Luzerne, McCormick said his fate was sealed. “I was hooked and didn’t miss another for the remainder of the season,” he said.

He raced in Trail 600, SOO 600, Sport Open, and Semi-Pro Improved classes last year. This year, he’ll be aiming to compete in the SOO 600, Sport Stock/Open, and Semi-Pro Factory Stock classes, to capture his first win with RMR-XC. McCormick is currently sponsored by Fun Unlimited Polaris out of Gouverneur, NY and Stud Boy.

Outside of RMR-XC, McCormick works as an Operations Supervisor with New York Power Authority. He enjoys the outdoors, hunting, golf, and hanging with his family in his free time.

When asked about his favorite moment of last season, his memories went back to Lake Luzerne: “The completion of lap 1 of the first race I entered, seeing the look on my father’s face when I came across a couple positions ahead of where I started. That was just before my arms felt like they were going to fall off!”

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It is of critical importance that Rock Maple Racing (RMR-XC) partners with other businesses and organizations that are built upon passion. Whether it is passion for a sport or a product, we want to work with partners that can match us in enthusiasm and spirit for what they do. This perfectly aligns with the beginnings of Simonton Windows & Doors, one of our Bronze-level sponsors, and Sponsor Spotlight for this month.

Simonton traces its roots all the way back to 1946 in Pennsboro, West Virginia, when Fred and Sybil Simonton recognized an increasing need for high-quality exterior aluminum products. This drive to service homeowners in their community led to the founding of Pen Vent Awning.

Some years later, Pen Vent Awning became a family affair–it would be Fred and Sybil’s son who would take Pen Vent Awning to the next level. In 1981, he convinced the rest of the family that in order to stand out from its competitors, they would need to begin producing energy-efficient vinyl windows. Thus, Simonton Windows was born.

Simonton has experienced much success and growth since their inception decades ago, acquiring a number of prestigious awards as they expanded their product line. This is where Series President Tara Saxton, who is also the President of KTM Exteriors & Recycling, connected with Simonton. As Simonton works heavily with KTM Exteriors, it was a perfect entryway for Simonton to get into snowmobile racing with RMR-XC.

“We love to show support for our customer,” said Nicholas Dunn, a District Sales Manager with Simonton. “Gaining more exposure of the name Simonton to the consumer base is also an excellent benefit.”

Be sure to check out Simonton Windows & Doors on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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