Sponsor Spotlight: Grip N Rip

June 11, 2018

Even though this was Grip N Rip’s first season being a bronze sponsor for RMR-XC, they’re no strangers to the snowmobile and racing scene. Remington and his family started the company in 1999 making isovibe for snowmobiles, which reduces shock and vibration in handlebars. Grip N Rip started this while racing the Rock Maple Snowcross Circuit back in the 90s. Remington’s dad raced when he was in high school and the family has been a racing family since.
Since partnering with RMR-XC, Grip N Rip has gained valuable friendships through the racing community and has fun being able to advertise their business. Grip N Rip is an aftermarket parts business and racing videos are popular on their Facebook page so be sure to check out Grip N Rip here!