Racer Insurance

Mandatory Rider Insurance required for all participants for the 2019 Race Season

The 2019 ISR License for Drivers and Crew Members includes an Excess Medical plan which will help with medical expenses incurred for accidents which occur during ISR sanctioned racing events. In the past 2 years, over $1 Million in medical claims were filed to insurance companies for snowmobile racing accidents. The excess policy will cover up to $25,000 in excess medical expenses with a $2500 deductible for Annual License holders and $3000 for Single Event or other types of Licenses that requires a $500 deductible. Participant Accident protection is valid for races races conducted in the United States and Canada. See attached disclosures  (leave this same attachment)


DRIVER – Mandatory License ($150.00)
CREW – Optional License ($99.00)Single Event License ($30.00 if done in advance, $40 per event if done onsite) – ONE DAY PASS

To sign up visit: http://www.isrlicense.com. If you are racing the season be sure to take care of this prior to your first race and bring the confirmation with you if you have not received your card.

ISR Competition licenses are required for all drivers competing in an ISR sanctioned events.  The license process is now an ON-LINE only system for annual memberships! There are no paper copies available so you need to make sure this is done prior to your first race.   If you are doing a single event membership that will also need to be done ON-LINE before the race day.  If you fill it out manually day of the race the price increases from $30 to $40 so do it in advance and save the $10!   We are now allowed to do multiple single day memberships, but you still need to do it in advance of the race to avoid their late fee!

 Go to:  http://isrlicense.com/ to sign up!

Download the forms below:
Single Event Application