Racer Spotlight: Danika Lockhart

November 6, 2017

RMR-XC welcomes both men and women to our team. Women can shred up some trail just as well as the men can! We’ve got some incredible female talent on our team, born with snowmobile fuel in their veins–an excellent introduction to one of our seasoned female riders, Danika Lockhart.

“I have been snowmobiling for as long as I can remember,” Lockhart said, a resident of Belfast, ME. “I grew up around snowmobiles and it is something that me and my family have always enjoyed doing together.”

While Lockhart had been around snowmobiles recreationally all her life, it was only until the winter of 2015 that she got into the world of competitive racing, when she met her boyfriend Shane. “When we met he raced for Team Maine Racing. Our first winter together he had a race for [United States Cross Country] with Team Maine Racing in Fort Kent, ME and I went with him,” Lockhart said, explaining she was given the opportunity to race in the Women’s Class, where she won her first-ever race. “I was immediately hooked!”

Competing with USCC, Lockhart garnered another win and placed in the top three in several other races. Lockhart was introduced to RMR-XC after the USCC series closed, as Team Maine Racing began competing with RMR-XC last season. Since joining RMR-XC, Lockhart has four wins and a 1st place title, among other accomplishments. Lockhart is currently sponsored by Chase Toys of Unity, ME and Ski-Doo.

While Lockhart has stuck exclusively to the Women’s Class, she is interested in exploring other classes than RMR-XC offers. “Maybe this year I will get adventurous and try out another class,” Lockhart said. “This upcoming season will be my fourth season racing in the same class.”

Outside of RMR-XC, Lockhart has also garnered both titles and wins in the Pro Vintage Championship Series, as well as in Grass Drag Racing. When she’s not racing, you can catch Lockhart working at athenahealth in Belfast, ME, or spending time outdoors with her boyfriend Shane and their puppy, Harley.

When asked about her favorite moment last season, Lockhart recalled her first big wreck: “I think my favorite moment of this past season was having my first big wreck in Jackman, ME. I rolled my sled and it completely detached the windshield, and blew out the cluster. But it didn’t stop me…I got right back on and finished the race to end the season.”

Be sure to watch Danika and our other amazing racers this upcoming season!

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