Racer Spotlight: Remington Lessard

March 5, 2018

You can find him as a mechanic at A&R Auto Repair during the week, but on the weekends Remington Lessard is a regular at RMR-XC. He’s been snowmobiling since age four and was first introduced to Rock Maple by his parents at age five when he started in the 120’s races. Now at 19, he’s racing semi-pro with the support of his sponsors: Chase Toys, Grip-N-Rip Racing, Ski-Doo, Klim, Triple 9, RX Goggles, and Fly Racing.

During his impressive tour with RMR for almost 15 years he has 8 first place, 3 second place and 3 third place finishes. Remington also has 1st place overall points in the semi-pro stock and semi-pro improved. Not only does he race RMR, but he also raced in the Iron Dog last year with his dad. Although they weren’t able to finish due to a crash, the two finished 1600 out of the 2000 miles and were poised to finish 4th.

When asked about his favorite moment from the past season, he was quick to respond. “Definitely racing on Long Pond in Jackman, ME. My sled was setup very good and the track was a lot of fun.”

If Remington isn’t on the track you can find him hunting, fishing, on his dirt bike, or camping.

Check out some of his race photos below at our January race in Rangeley, ME!