Rock Maple Racing XC-Greig NY

March 7, 2019

(March 5, 2019) Snow and sleds were flying through the trails surrounding High Voltage Hills XC this past Saturday, as they hosted the cross country snowmobile racing series brought to you by Rock Maple Racing XC out of New Hampshire. This year was the first year RMR had come through to grace Greig, New York with some snowy speed and some icy cold competition, and what better place to do it at than Greig’s own award winning racing venue High Voltage Hills. “This was our first debut in this part of NY and at this track. The track owners, Kevin and Nick Zielinski, worked hard to get the site ready for us as we raced around the perimeter of the MX course and throughout other parts of the property,” says Tara Saxton, one of the owners of Rock Maple Racing XC.
Folks from all over the North East region traveled to Greig to show off their skills, and locals were more than ready to join in the fun and put their own speed to the test. “Entries were not lacking as our Trail (beginner) classes were the largest RMR has ever seen and introduced many new snowmobile enthusiasts to our sport,” says Saxton. Some of those local faces included New York’s Teajinn Ingersoll, whom took first place in the Jr 10-13, as Cameron Bell and Connor Slocum took second and third back home to Maine.Seasoned racer Scott Preston was victorious in placing first in the Semi Pro Factory Stock and Semi Pro Improved races this weekend. Even High Voltage Hills XC owner Nick Zielinski decided to test some home field advantage by racing his sled, placing second in the Ski Doo Trail 800, behind Michael Bluy who snagged first place.
All in all with tight turns, big air, and high speed this weekend’s snowy events were a successful one. Thanks to the team at High Voltage Hills XC for their hospitality, the local sponsors for their support, the Pine Tree Inn for hosting the race’s award ceremony, and all the dedicated racers for their ambitious competition. The 2019 cross country snowmobile race season has been one for the books, Rock Maple racing is working hard to provide one last hoorah with it’s season finale race to take place in Jackman, Maine on March 15-16. This event is to include the 3 man team race and a relay race along with their regularly scheduled classes. So, gear up and come out to push your sled to high speed and test your endurance on races reaching 125 miles each day, totalling 250 miles!
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