Sponsor Spotlight: NITRO Trailers

October 20, 2017

Like many members of the RMR-XC family, interest in sleds and tinkering starts at an early age, growing into a full-blown passion by adulthood. This storyline follows the upbringing of Chad Dow, current owner of NITRO Trailers of Unity, ME, a Silver-level sponsor.

As a child, Dow worked in the garage and at many local car stock tracks, learning the ins and outs of fabricating, welding, and fit and finish. His skills would eventually lead to him to employment with a high quality trailer manufacturer, beginning his welding career on aluminum trailers. Dow was able to work his way up to a specialized position and garnered several internal awards, though unfortunately the business was forced to close its doors in 2009.

“Deciding where to go [after] was an easy decision,” Dow said. With his passion and drive, Dow formed Innovative Specialities, focusing on largely on custom work, drawing on his previous years’ experience with aluminum fabricating.

Over time, Dow was able to solidify relationships with many recognized trailer dealers throughout the region. “Building numerous custom trailer products and doing countless repair work, we had the idea that maybe we should build a high quality aluminum trailer,” Dow said, and with the encouragement of dealers, family and friends, NITRO Trailers was formed in 2013.

“We at NITRO want to be known for a high quality, well-built product using the best parts and pieces that are available,” Dow said. “Our goal is not to flood the market with 20+ models of trailers from a cheap trailer to a better built trailer and everything in between.”

Dow’s history with RMR-XC goes back before NITRO and Innovative Specialities. Dow competed with the older RMR-XC snocross series, having raced sleds himself since he was fifteen. “It was some of the best times of my life,” Dow said. “When [RMR-XC] returned with the cross country circuit, I knew it was going to be a big hit and they would do good things.”

Prior to becoming a sponsor, Dow enjoyed attending a few previous RMR-XC races. “[RMR-XC] knows what it takes to put on a event with great success,” Dow said, explaining that when RMR-XC reached out for a partnership, he knew it would be a “win-win.”

“[RMR-XC] does a great job at promoting their sponsors and for that we are very appreciative,” Dow said, adding that they had spent “countless dollars” in the motorsports industry with little to no results.

“Given the reputation [RMR-XC] has with the snowmobile industry, plus the tight knit group snowmobilers on the team, people trust and support the organizations who support RMR-XC and the snowmobile industry, which is great for business.”

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