Sponsor Spotlight: Simonton Windows & Doors

September 14, 2017


It is of critical importance that Rock Maple Racing (RMR-XC) partners with other businesses and organizations that are built upon passion. Whether it is passion for a sport or a product, we want to work with partners that can match us in enthusiasm and spirit for what they do. This perfectly aligns with the beginnings of Simonton Windows & Doors, one of our Bronze-level sponsors, and Sponsor Spotlight for this month.

Simonton traces its roots all the way back to 1946 in Pennsboro, West Virginia, when Fred and Sybil Simonton recognized an increasing need for high-quality exterior aluminum products. This drive to service homeowners in their community led to the founding of Pen Vent Awning.

Some years later, Pen Vent Awning became a family affair–it would be Fred and Sybil’s son who would take Pen Vent Awning to the next level. In 1981, he convinced the rest of the family that in order to stand out from its competitors, they would need to begin producing energy-efficient vinyl windows. Thus, Simonton Windows was born.

Simonton has experienced much success and growth since their inception decades ago, acquiring a number of prestigious awards as they expanded their product line. This is where Series President Tara Saxton, who is also the President of KTM Exteriors & Recycling, connected with Simonton. As Simonton works heavily with KTM Exteriors, it was a perfect entryway for Simonton to get into snowmobile racing with RMR-XC.

“We love to show support for our customer,” said Nicholas Dunn, a District Sales Manager with Simonton. “Gaining more exposure of the name Simonton to the consumer base is also an excellent benefit.”

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