Tara Saxton


I have been involved in the snowmobile racing community since 1998 as my father, uncle and brother were all former racers on the RMR series at that time.  My family purchased the circuit from Don & Nancy Finck in 2002 which is when I started working for RMR until my family sold the series off in 2010.   I decided after a 5 year hiatus to come back to racing and organized a cross country series after I was approached by some former racers to come back to the industry to give them an organized series to race with for cross country.  At that time I realized I had missed my racing families and wanted to come back.  Some fondest memories of family and fun were from back when my family owned RMR.  Watching kids grow and achieve new levels of success year after year and the relationships and bonds that are formed with these incredible families is what made me want to come back and start over again.